Increase Your Running Speed

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Do you want to see an increase in the amount of speed you gain? Are you preparing for one of the many running events auburn ca has to offer? If so, you may want to take a look at some of these tips for getting your speed up. Run faster and longer with the tricks outlined further in this article and see yourself winning first place.

Perfect your form. The key to performing well at absolutely anything is perfecting the correct form and technique. Each person must find their running approach and perfect it so that they avoid injury and increase the efficiency of their performance. Keep the upper body tall and relaxed, using your mid-foot to land under your hip on every step. Your arms should swing forward and back at a low 90-degree angle.

Practice interval training. Interval training alternates between high intensity workouts and low intensity exercised to build up both speed and endurance. This also increases performance, lung capacity, and burns a bunch of calories. Interval training has been found to be highly effective at increasing performance speeds in athletes.

Sprint during running sessions. Breaking into sprints often helps your acceleration. This will keep you from lagging behind from the very beginning of a race due to a poor acceleration technique. The more you practice sprinting, the more efficient you will be at taking off when the whistle blows.

Mind your breathing. The breath is important for any sport, as the lungs are responsible for carrying air throughout the entire body. Use both your nose and mouth to inhale and exhale throughout each workout so that no muscle is starved of oxygen. Breathe with the stomach, not the chest, as this will maximize your breathing efficiency.

running events auburn ca

Whether you’re in it for the big prize or just trying to beat your own personal record, these tips will bring you a new record time on the clock and a better running technique.

January 14, 2019