An Artist Helps You Out With The Funny Side Of Life

hire a caricature artist

hire a caricature artist

By now, most readers will have their own social media accounts. The more ambitious and more gregarious of readers will probably be operating on no less than three or four iconic social media platforms. Speaking of icons, standard procedure is to create and install a personal avatar. Here is a profile shot in which you show the world or your immediate circle what you look like. The funny thing about this is that it’s not really how you look right now.

If you are reading this now, or if you’re sitting working on a social media message of your own, you could be looking a right royal mess. Your hair is all over the show and you have not yet had your morning wash. Yes, some folks reading this right now might be saying; eww! And who made them all prim and prissy. Who are they to judge. It could be that you’re just so busy right now. What a privilege to be able to work from home.

So, the profile picture you have put up on display is usually one of your best. And that makes sense, doesn’t it? You would surely want to give folks out there your best impression. It makes business sense to present prospective clients and associates with a well-groomed impression of yourself, how you might even look when you are at the office, the home office in this case perhaps. Now, what if you could blast your audience away, take them quite by surprise, or tickle their funny bones? Well, you could and you could hire a caricature artist to help you out with that one.

Why so serious? Why so gloomy? Always look on the bright and sunny side. 

January 14, 2019